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TGB-8: The Relationship Between Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Emission and Leaf Carbon Balance in the Boreal Forest: An Approach for Mechanistic Ecosystem Modeling

P.I.(s): Manuel Lerdau and Russell Monson -- University of Colorado

Objectives: To investigate the mechanistic controls over non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) fluxes from boreal forest trees. The studies will be used to modify existing ecosystem models to include NMHC emissions and their response to seasonality and resource variability (primarily water and nitrogen). The proposed research is ordered around three general questions:

  1. To what extent are leaf carbon balance and isoprene synthase activity (the enzyme responsible for isoprene emission) predictors of NMHC flux?
  2. How do leaf carbon balance and isoprene synthase activity depend on nitrogen/water availability and carbon source/sink parameters?
  3. How do we modify the FOREST-BGC ecosystem model based on questions 1 and 2, to predict canopy-level NMHC fluxes?
Studies included seasonal monitoring of NMHC emissions and its relationship to plant phenology, photosynthesis, respiration, isoprene synthase activity, and leaf starch concentrations. Fertilization and irrigation of some plots will be conducted to discern the relationship of NMHC emission and leaf carbon balance to resource availability.

Location: SSA
Sites: SSA-OBS and SSA-OA
Duration: IFCs 1994

TGB-8 Data Sets

  • Tower Monoterpene data
  • Starch data
  • Tower Photosynthesis

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    TGB-8 BOREAS Operations 1994

    To determine ecological controls over leaf-level fluxes on monoterpenes from black spruce and jack pine.

    Types of Data Collected, Equipment Used:
    Photosynthetic rates, monoterpene flux rates, monoterpene tissue concentrations, leaf tissue nitrogen concentrations, infra-red gas analysis, gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy.

    Summary of Places and Times of Measurements:
    All four intensives in SSA at OJP and OBS, in addition, 6 black spruce bogs along east/west transect from SSA-OJP to PANP.

    Known Problems or Caveats:
    Our humidity sensor worked only intermittently, so out transpiration numbers are sketchy.

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