The BOREAS Information System

BORIS Investigator Mailings

The BOREAS Information System (BORIS) has been sending out regular mailing (usually by e-mail) to the Investigators. These have all been reformatted as Web pages to act as an archive for this information, and to make it easy to find. There are currently 9 mailings contained here -- they are listed in chronological order at the bottom of this page.

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    Contents of the BORIS Mailings by Subject

    The lists below show the contents of the BORIS mailings broken out by subject and date. Click on any entry name to see the information in that entry.

    BORIS Mailings by Date

    This is a list containing links to each of the BORIS mailings we have sent out so far. Click on any one to see the entire mailing.

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    Last Updated: June 5, 1996