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This is the complete text of the BORIS E-Mail that was sent to all investigators on December 8, 1995. Its contents are about getting access to ERS image data:
         December 8, 1995

To:      All BOREAS Investigators and Staff

From:    Jeff Newcomer, BOREAS Information Scientist
         [(301) 286-7858] []

Subject:    Access to ERS Image Data

For the last year, BORIS has been working with JoBea Way and Diane Wickland to try
and make ERS-1 radar images available to interested BOREAS science teams.  After
a bit of frustration, a plan has been derived for this to happen.  Under the plan,
each BOREAS science team that desires access to ERS images must submit a 
mini-proposal describing their needs and intended use of the data.  The details
of the proposal follow this paragraph.  Under this arrangement, BORIS will not have
copies of the ERS imagery.  Each team that is permitted to access the data will
work directly with the Alaska SAR Facility to acquire the desired images.  To help
with image identification/selection, BORIS is working with JoBea Way to provide 
on-line inventory and quality information about the pertinent BOREAS images from 
her experience with them.

Alaska SAR Facility Data -- Mini-Proposal Guidelines

Please provide a one or two-page description of your project for which you plan to utilize Alaska SAR Facility (ASF) data. The outline that follows will provide the information required to approve your project. This information will be forwarded to NASA for approval and will also be used by ASF for planning purposes. Projects approved under these guidelines will allow the Principal Investigator to obtain data from the Alaska SAR Facility for the marginal cost of filing the specific user request. Projects conducted with NASA support may be eligible for data credits to cover the cost of data products. Other projects are expected to supply ASF with a purchase order or other method of payment to cover data costs. No funding is available through this mechanism to support data analysis. 1) principal Investigator: Please include your name, affiliation, full mailing address, telephone number, fax number and em-mail addresses that will allow us to contact you. 2) Title of Project: The name of the project you are proposing. 3) Co-Investigators: Please list any co-principal investigators following guidelines in (1) above. 4) Support: identify your source of support. 5) Objective and approach of research: Briefly describe the overall objectives and approach for the project. 6) Information to be derived: Describe the product(s) and/or information you anticipate deriving from ASF data. 7) Other data sets of Importance: Please identify any other data sets that you plan to use in conjunction with this investigation. 8) Regions, Seasons and aspects of interest: Generally describe the geographic areas, season(s) and/or unique aspects of the project. 9) Data Requirements: The following information is needed for the ASF Mission Planner to evaluate the data requirements of your project. NASA will evaluate your data requirements and their impact on the ASF against the scientific merits of the project. A)Location of study area: Please indicate the regions of the ASF mask this project covers. 1) Size of study area 2) Shape of study area B) Number of Observations: How much and how frequently do you require SAR data (e.g. every three days for one month)? C) Time Frame required: Over what time period should data for this project span (e.g. spring season of 1992)? D) ASF data required: Please list the number, type, and of ASF standard products you require. 1) Type(s) of products 2) Type(s) of media E) Using the ASF Price List, please indicate the total cost the data this project will require. 10) Planned fieldwork dates and locations: If you plan to collect field data in conjunction with ASF data acquisition, please indicate dates and locations. 11) Deliverables: As a condition of project approval, the Principal Investigator is expected to provide ASF with three (3) copies of all publications which result from the use of ASF data. In addition, a brief report (one to two pages) of the results of this project is to be submitted to ASF within 30 days of the completion of the project. 12) Background and history of study. 13) Relevant Publications. Please submit this information to: Greta Reynolds, ASF Mission Planner Alaska SAR Facility Geophysical Institute University of Alaska at Fairbanks P.O. Box 757320 Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320 Fax: 907-474-5195 Phone: 907-474-7869 e-mail:

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