Sua Pan Site Photos

The photos on this site have been generously provided by Mark Helmlinger from the NASA
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Additional photos and a journal can be
found on the MISR Validation Web Page.

These dormitories were originally
built for visitors to the Botswana
Ash potash mine (Botash).
They are now used by tourists
as well as scientists.

The view behind the dorms.
Frank Eckardt is pictured pointing south.
The mine is approximately 3KM away.

The view at the shoreline.
Note the expanse of the area.

This is a solometer. By focusing
the sunlight on a paper strip
marked by the hour the intensity
of sunlight can be evaluated.

This photo shows the Met Station,
Reagan sunphotometer, and CIMEL at Sua Pan

The Botash Plant
Because the mine required CO2,
coal is burned and the energy created
is linked into the South African Power Grid

This plant provides salt and
potash to much of sub-Saharan Africa.

This well station is one of over
a thousand across a 200 square kilometer
area at the north end of Sua Pan.
The total pumping capacity is 2400
cubic meters per hour.
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