Skukuza-MISR Validation Site Photos

The photos on this site have been generously provided by Mark Helmlinger from the NASA Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Additional photos and a journal can be found on the
MISR Validation Web Page.

The Skukuza Airport

The Road to the Tower

Warning sign at the Entrance
to Kruger Park. When scientists venture out
to the tower site they must be accompanied by
an Armed Game Guard

The tower is powered by
these solar collectors

A view of the tower

A view of the tower

A view of the surrounding
area from the top of the tower

Another view of the Skukuza area

Wildlife around the Skukuza Site

An Elephant, obviously irritated
by the intrusions of the scientists

A young Elephant and Mother



Baboons in the road

Yellow Hornbill

Lion up close

Lion at night

A Giraffe encountered
at the Skukuza Airport
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