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Accessing Daymet Data Through Web-Based Tools and Services

Hosted by: NASA EOSDIS and the ORNL DAAC
Date: October 23, 2014
Contact for the ORNL DAAC:

Keywords: Daymet, Web Service, THREDDS, OPeNDAP


The Daymet Version 3 dataset was released in 2016 and provides daily gridded meteorological variables over the North American continent at a 1 km x 1 km spatial resolution. This large region presents challenges to users needing smaller temporal or spatial subsets for their research. In this webinar, the specialized tools and web services that have been developed to access and download Daymet data products will be presented.

Tools include a method to query the data set by entering a specific latitude and longitude and having a tabular display returned with the option to download the table in csv file format. Known as the Single Pixel Extraction Tool, there is also a REST-based web service API and additional scripts to automate data download. In addition, the THREDDS Data Server will be described along with demonstrations that THREDDS provides to access the Daymet gridded data products. This will include how to browse through the TDS and access services such as OPeNDAP, NetCDF subset, OGC WMS/WCS and visualization.

Source Data

  • Daily weather data:

  • Prerequisites

  • Sign up for a NASA Earthdata account:
  • Procedure

    Links to tools and web services presented in this webinar:

  • Tool: Single Pixel Extraction Tool
  • Web Service Description:Web Service: Single Pixel Extraction

  • Tool: Tile Selection Tool

  • Web Service: Daymet on THREDDS
  • Web Service Description: Web Service: Gridded Subsets

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