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About ORNL DAAC Data Search


ORNL DAAC employs Mercury, a service oriented web-based distributed metadata management system, for finding and retrieving biogeochemical, ecological, and other land-based data. ORNL DAAC's implementation of Mercury facilitates the following search mechanisms:
  • ORNL DAAC Data Search
    • ORNL DAAC Archive Data Sets
    • External Data Sources
      • Land Validation Data
      • Regional and Global Data
      • LPDAAC MODIS and ASTER Products
      • Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network
      • Organization of Biological Field Stations (NBII)

External data sources are metadata registries of biogeochemical and environmental data distributed by other data centers which have been identified by the ORNL DAAC's User Working Group (UWG) as important for the global change research community.

Mercury Resources

The Mercury Web Site provides details about the Mercury search system.

Accessing Mercury

Mercury Functionality

What is Mercury?

  • Distributed metadata management, data discovery, and access system
  • Based on a combination of open source and ORNL Developed software
  • Standards based - XML, FGDC, Z39.50, Dublin-Core, Darwin-Core, GCMD, EML, and ISO19115

Key Features:

  • Provide a single portal to information contained in disparate data management systems
  • Provide free text; fielded, spatial, and temporal; and hierarchy search capabilities
  • Allow individuals and database managers to distribute their data while maintaining complete control and ownership
  • Leverage investment in existing information systems and research