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SAFARI 2000 is an international regional science initiative being developed for Southern Africa to explore, study and address linkages between land-atmosphere processes and the relationship of biogenic, pyrogenic or anthropogenic emissions and the consequences of their deposition to the functioning of the biogeophysical and biogeochemical systems of southern Africa. This initiative is being built around a number of on-going, already funded activities by NASA, the international community and African nations in the southern African region.

SAFARI 2000 Synthesis Workshop
Oct. 6-11, 2002
Charlottesville,   VA     USA

  Final Program Schedule and List of Abstracts
(in Adobe PDF format).

The Objective of this conference is to take steps towards project synthesis by adding additional analysis to the work that is coming out in the Global Change Biology, Journal of Arid Environments, International Journal of Remote Sensing and the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres Special Issues.

Approximately 75% of the emphasis at this conference will be on the Science Synthesis sections with the remaining focus being on the Science for Policy Synthesis sections.

The Expected Product of the conference will be a workshop book similar to the books associated with past Chapman Conferences on Biomass Burning and Global Change.

Click Here for more information on the Conference, including:

  • Availability of travel funding and registration fee waivers for regional Southern African participants.
  • Call for abstracts (and where to send them).
  • Synthesis Chapters.
  • Travel info.

See the following journal special issues for articles on S2K data:

The EO-1/Landsat-7 tandem image pair over the SAFARI 2000 Skukuza site (announced in the second SAFARI Newsletter) is now available for public release from the Landsat-7 Project Science Office.
           The Earth Observing 1 (EO-1) Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and Landsat-7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) data sets cover part of the Kruger National Park on May 30, 2001 and were collected only a minute apart.
           The data are available on CD-ROM and by FTP. The following link provides additional details about the tandem data set:

           Please contact Richard Irish ( or +1 301 614-6604) to obtain a copy.
           We are again very grateful to the respective teams for the compilation and public release of these data sets over one of the SAFARI test sites.

Project Reports from the Field:

Campaign Information for IFC3 Participants.

Workshop Reports

SAFARI 2000 Science Plan Version 1.0 (.pdf file- 245KB)

last updated 28 February 2002