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Preliminary Helicopter MMR and Hemisphere Photograph Data Analysis
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Original Research Announcement

Remote Sensing of Biophysical Parameters Committee
Original Announcement

During the recent BOREAS Science meeting in Toronto the week of May 20th, a breakout meeting was held among a group of remote sensing and modeling folks to generate some ideas of how to best determine biophysical parameters from remote sensing. At the meeting it was decided to intensify the development and evaluation of remote sensing algorithms at finer spatial scales over the SSA-OBS site using in-situ measurements currently available from 1994 and to-be-measured in 1996, and to form a group that would evaluate these algorithms. The group will try to determine biophysical characteristics at a scale that would allow examination of variability within a tower flux site and also the scaling issue.

Many individuals in attendance volunteered to work within a group to help tackle the problems associated with estimating of LAI and FPAR from remote sensing.

Although some in attendance volunteered to participate, others of you were nominated by your peers for your expertise.

The list of hopeful participants follows:
Forrest Hall NASA/GSFC co-chair
Jing Chen CCRS co-chair
Fred Huemmrich NASA/GSFC model input coordinator
John Miller ISTS
Alan Strahler Boston Univ.
Carol Russell NASA/GSFC
Sasan Saatchi JPL
Narendra Goel Wayne State Univ.
Jeff Privette Univ. of MD
Don Deering NASA/GSFC
Bert Davis CRREL
Ranga Myneni NASA/GSFC
Charlie Walthall USDA
Richard Fourneir CCRS
John Norman Univ. of Wisconsin
Derek Peddle Univ. of Waterloo

The aim of the group will be to produce and evaluate one or a small number of algorithms for estimating canopy biophysical characteristics from optical and microwave remote sensing data in the BOREAS region (biomass density, LAI, FPAR, effective LAI). The plan is to begin with testing at the SSA-OBS site.

Ground truth will consist of TRAC and LAI-2000 measurements of LAI and FPAR taken along transects within the BOREAS tower sites by Jing Chen, LAI and FPAR estimations made from hemispherical photography taken by Paul Rich, allometric measurements taken by Tom Gower's group, and moss spectral measurements by John Miller and Jing Chen.

What we plan to do is to provide a dataset of georeferenced ASAS (nadir), CASI, and helicopter MMR and SE590 data extractions coincident with ground measurements. Two transects are to be used: one runs from the tower SE for 300 m (used in 1994) and one to be established this summer will go from the tower due west for 500 m.

What we need from each of the modelers is a list of the inputs you will need for development and testing of your models. With the summer field effort quickly approaching we would like to identify any data gaps ASAP. Please send additional data needs and modifications to measurement design for the SSA-OBS by the end of next week (June 21st).

Known Data Needs

  • Meteorological data (hourly, 10 yr. record)
  • Radiosonde Data
  • Tree structure and stand description (OJP and OBS in NSA/SSA)
  • Needle or shoot optical properties
  • Moss spectral signatures

    Once this site-level data set is complete, each participating scientist would run their algorithm on the data for quantitative evaluation, and in addition, produce a bio parameter map of the SSA-OBS WAB for use by other investigations. We expect to use several approaches including the traditional method using VIs, spectral unmixing for shadow fractions, and geometric-optical model inversion. Models to be used for this purpose include the 3-D model (Myneni), GeoSail (Huemmrich), GORT/SNTHRM (Li and Strahler, and Davis), and 4Scale (Chen). The synergetic use of SAR and optical data will also be explored (Saatchi and Chen).

    We would anticipate this occurring reasonably soon after the summer IFC, with results to be reported at the next science workshop in Dec. '96 or Jan '97.

    There will be an initial meeting of interested individuals after the first BOG conference at the commencement of IFC-2, on July 8th, at SSA OPS (Snowdrifters).

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    Forrest Hall
    Jing Chen
    Please send responses to Jaime Nickeson

    This is the link to the
    Preliminary Helicopter MMR and Hemisphere Photograph Data Analysis
    with an analysis of NDVI and Fipar plots. (Password Protected)

    E-mail question and comments about this information to Dr. Fred Huemmerich
    E-mail question and comments about project and committee activities to Dr.Forrest Hall

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