The BOREAS Information System

The BOREAS Intensive Field Campaign #3

[August 30, 1994 to September 19, 1994]

IFC-3 ran from 30 August to 19 September 1994 with most of the aircraft starting in the NSA and migrating south to the SSA on 8 September. This was done even though a far from complete remote sensing data set had been gathered in the NSA by the ER-2 and C-130 due to clouds and/or smoke. After a long and trying wait, a repeat situation of FFC-T and IFC-1 was predicted by the meteorologist supporting the project; that is, a high pressure air mass moving from the SSA to the NSA over a period of two days. This late and narrow window of opportunity was used to complete the full program of airborne optical remote sensing missions under perfect blue skies at both study areas; SSA on 16 September and NSA on 17 September. As a capstone, the Twin Otter aircraft carried out a last mission over the NSA on its way home on 19 September to characterize the forest in close to its dormant state. A final pair of radar remote sensing missions were flown by the DC-8 and CV-580 on 20 September. More than 350 airborne missions (remote sensing and eddy correlation) were flown during the 1994 field year.

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