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ORNL DAAC On-line Ordering System
To obtain data from our on-line ordering system, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the sign-in link in the upper left-hand corner of any pages.
  2. Find the data you want via our Product Overview Catalogue or from one of the methods on our Get Data Page.
  3. Add selected data to the shopping cart by selecting the data set and clicking on the add button.
  4. You may complete your order or view your order by clicking on the Show Cart button.
  5. From the Shopping Cart you may:
    • order selected items by clicking on the Order These Items button.
    • cancel your order by clicking on the Empty Cart button.
    • continue shopping by clicking on the Back to the DAAC button.
  6. You may also order data by clicking on the Data Link or on the Documentation Link.
  7. From the Data Link you may view and download data interactivly or through the shopping cart .
  8. From the Documentation Link data can be obtained by clicking on the Get Data button.
All data are FREE of charge.