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Daymet data is archived and distributed by the ORNL DAAC

Daymet Data for Year 2016 Now Available

Daymet takes in daily meteorological observations to produce high-resolution, gridded estimates of daily weather parameters across North America.

Data Management Best Practices Workshop on March 26, 2017

Need help managing and sharing your research data?

ORNL DAAC recently hosted a workshop on data management at the Joint NACP / Ameriflux meeting in Bethesda, MD.

Study area in California showing the 16 air basin regions and 10 tower sites. Region 17 is the area outside of California.

Modeled California CO2 emissions

Scientists with the NASA Carbon Monitoring System have released simulated CO2 emission signals for 16 regions in California, USA.

The ORNL DAAC mission is to assemble, distribute, and provide data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research, education, and decision-making in support of NASA’s Earth science. Read more about the ORNL DAAC.