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The Toolik Lake Grid Surficial Geomorphology map (Walker and Maier, 2008).

Vegetation map for Toolik Lake site, Alaska

A new data set provides standardized vegetation and environmental characteristics surrounding the Toolik Lake research site.

Optimized biogenic net CO2 flux for Alaska 2012-2014. The date of each measurement period is shown at the top of each map. From Commane et al. (2017)

Annual biogenic carbon budget for Alaska

CARVE campaign data show that Alaskan tundra may be shifting from a carbon sink to a carbon source.

Change in the peatland area fraction between 13 kyBP and the present day.

Historical CO2 Emissions from Peatlands

A new data set provides reconstructions of past peatland carbon balance and land-use CO2 emission estimates.

The ORNL DAAC mission is to assemble, distribute, and provide data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research, education, and decision-making in support of NASA’s Earth science. Read more about the ORNL DAAC.