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Daymet cross-validation showing the number of station-days evaluated, "nstndays", per 2-degree by 2-degree Daymet tile for 1980 precipitation.

Quantifying uncertainty in Daymet, 1980-2015

The Daymet data set has been updated to provide estimates of uncertainty in the daily temperature and precipitation values for North America.

Vegetation productivity (blues/greens) follows the sun for a day. NEE for 3-hourly periods on July 1, 2007 for weighted ensemble mean product.

Global net ecosystem exchange for 2004-2010

New global estimates of NEE between the land and atmosphere at 3-hourly time steps are available.

Mean net ecosystem production for 2006-2010 (Turner et al., 2016)

Carbon stocks and fluxes in the Pacific Northwest

A new data set provides Biome-BGC modeled estimates of mean net ecosystem production (NEP), and mean carbon pool and flux estimates from 1986 to 2010.

The ORNL DAAC mission is to assemble, distribute, and provide data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research, education, and decision-making in support of NASA’s Earth science. Read more about the ORNL DAAC.