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Publications Citing River Discharge (RIVDIS)

The following 4 publications cited the River Discharge (RIVDIS) project.

YearCitationData Set or Project
2012Zonneveld, Karin A. F., Chen, Liang., Elshanawany, Rehab., Fischer, Helmut W., Hoins, Mirja., Ibrahim, Mohammed I., Pittauerova, Daniela., Versteegh, Gerard J. M.; (2012). The use of dinoflagellate cysts to separate human-induced from natural variability in the trophic state of the Po River discharge plume over the last two centuries. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 64 (1): 114-132.
2009Lee, D.,Kim, J.,Lee, KS.,Kim, S.; (2009). Partitioning of catchment water budget and its implications for ecosystem carbon exchange. Biogeosciences Discussions. 6 (6): 11401-11433.
2008Ludwig, Wolfgang., Dumont, Egon., Meybeck, Michel., Heussner, Serge.; (2008). River discharges of water and nutrients to the Mediterranean and Black Sea: Major drivers for ecosystem changes during past and future decades? Progress In Oceanography. 80 (3-4): 199-217.
2007Bouillon, S. and F. Dehairs; (2007). Biogeochemistry of the Tana estuary and delta (Northern Kenya). Limnology and Oceanography. 52(1): 46-59.