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SNF Forest Cover by Species/Strata

Data Set Overview

Data setSNF Forest Cover by Species/Strata
Release date1996-10-24
ProjectSuperior National Forest
Time period1976-01-01 to 1986-12-31

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Downloads302008-04-222017-03-16124 total files downloaded


This is a combined data set of canopy, subcanopy and understory composition by vegetation species and study site ID

Data set documentation


Hall, F. G., K. F. Huemmrich, D. E. Strebel, S. J. Goetz, J. E. Nickeson, and K. D. Woods. 1996. SNF Forest Cover by Species/Strata. [Superior National Forest Forest Cover by Species/Strata]. Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. Based on F. G. Hall, K. F. Huemmrich, D. E. Strebel, S. J. Goetz, J. E. Nickeson, and K. D. Woods, Biophysical, Morphological, Canopy Optical Property, and Productivity Data from the Superior National Forest, NASA Technical Memorandum 104568, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.A., 1992.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
sitecomp.dat 1.0MB 1976-01-01 - 1986-12-31

Companion Files

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Superior National Forest (SNF) has 3 companion files.

  • site_ref.dat
  • site_ref.def
  • spec_ref.dat

Data set has 3 companion files.

  • forest_cover_species_strata.pdf
  • sitecomp.txt
  • sitecomp.def